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Wooden Fencing and Hoarding

Closeboard fencing is the preferred long-lasting approach in commercial application.  The materials and methods used to make the fence mean that there is strength and flexibility. Closeboard fencing can be adapted to irregular shaped areas on level, sloping or even undulating ground. Will be cost effective and over the life of the product.


Post & Rail farm fencing - standard boundary marking, typical wooden farm fencing for large scale applications.

Post and Rail Large scale farm fencing example  

Picket fencing is a low level open fencing. Ideal for marking boundaries or enclosing areas without obstructing any view.

Picket fence example 

Knee Rails are a good way of protecting areas from being strayed upon, without affecting the overall look and feel of the surroundings and in many cases, enhancing the look of a particular feature.

Wooden Knee Railings  Wooden knee railings

Panel fencing is the quickest and lowest cost fencing to install. It can look effective and increasingly decorative styles have become available to provide an attractive look. The life expectancy is lower for this type of fencing and is suitable for smaller applications on level ground and in situations of relative shelter.  Willow panel has become popular as it can be more sympathetic with natural surroundings.

   Panel fence example 2

Wooden hoarding is a more secure approach than Heras security fencing.

Temporary security fencing example


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